Truyện thai giáo tiếng Anh (Thai giáo ngoại ngữ): King of Trees

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The King of trees is lonely because he is very proud. He thinks no one will ever defeat him. When he moves to the forest, he encounters a lot of problems. What will he do to survive?

Truyện thai giáo tiếng Anh (Thai giáo ngoại ngữ): King of Trees

One day as King Tree was relaxing in the forest, axe came and said: “I have found you, I no longer have firewood at home.”

King Tree then asked, “What must I do when you no longer have firewood?”

Truyện thai giáo tiếng Anh (Thai giáo ngoại ngữ): King of Trees

Axe replied, “I’m here to chop you down so I can have firewood.”

King Tree laughed, “Hahaha! You? Chop ME down?” Axe replied, “Yes. You!”

King Tree told Axe that he must just try to chop him down, if he believes in himself so much. 

Truyện thai giáo tiếng Anh (Thai giáo ngoại ngữ): King of Trees

The King explained to enemy Axe that he was very powerful, and there is no one who can challenge him. Within minutes there was an unusual sound. 

The axe was trying to chop the tree down.

“Kong! Kong! Kong!”

While Axe was still chopping King Tree, he got stuck onto the trunk.

King Mohlare started laughing, looking at the axe, “Pull yourself out, you said you could chop me!”

Axe used all the power he had to pull himself out, and he finally did. Without wasting time, he went on with his work.

“Kong! Kong! Kong!”

At once, he broke into two pieces and fell to the ground.

King Tree laughed hysterically again, “Hahaha! I told you that you cannot defeat me!”

Truyện thai giáo tiếng Anh (Thai giáo ngoại ngữ): King of Trees

One day, while King Tree was relaxing in the forest, a big fire came. He saw it from a long distance.He shouted with a loud voice and said: “Please help!”

While still frustrated, clouds came together. He asked them to make it rain as he has been attacked by the fire.

Rain did not hesitate, it rained down so hard that the fire stopped before reaching King Tree.

King Tree was so happy after seeing that, and he started singing a song saying, “Thank you rain for saving me.”

One day, when King Tree was relaxing in the forest, came a very big storm facing him. Sadly so, the King did not have anyone to assist him. As the storm passed through, it brought down the tree. King Tree was left lying down, wondering who would help him.

While King Tree was still in distress, the King of animals called King Elephant came out and talked to King Tree.“Wow! Why are you lying on the ground?”

“It is the storm that caused this,” King Tree answered, “May you please assist me to wake up.”

“What will you give me if I can assist you?”

“I will do everything that you need,” King Tree replied. “I will make sure that there are many trees in the forest and those trees will have the fruits that you and other animals like.”

King Elephant called Giraffe and Hare for help. They came running. After their arrival, King Elephant asked them to wake King Tree up.

A clever Hare askedd, “As we assist King Tree, who is going to pay us?”

King Elephant replied, “Don’t worry Hare. King Tree said that he will come up with a plan to make sure the forest has many trees that we and other animals can enjoy.”

Hare started to dig up a pit, King Elephant then held King Tree with his trunk. Giraffe with his tallness held King Tree at the top.

Truyện thai giáo tiếng Anh (Thai giáo ngoại ngữ): King of Trees

King Tree managed to stand up. 

King Elephant told King Tree something, “Now that we have helped you get up, may you reward us as you said.”

King Tree offered the animals all the trees and their fruits in the forest. He told the animals that they should enjoy eating them and become full. That was the rescue of the King Tree.

Source: Literacycloud

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